Announcements, Updates, and Law

Updated Roles in the Community

I am proud to announce that I have assumed a role as Colorado Juvenile Defender Center’s Education Law Staff Attorney. In this capacity, I will continue to advocate for students and families when those students face harsh discipline policies or require special education support. The change is that I get to provide these services to even more people, I get to increase the capacity of an amazing local organization, and I get to promote even more awareness of the issues surrounding the school to prison pipeline in Colorado. Win-win-win. If you would like to support this or any of the other work that CJDC does, join us at the 2019 CJDC Awards Ceremony and Reception on April 25, become a member, or donate here.

In addition to that exciting news, I am also thrilled to share that I am both a LYRIC (Learn Your Rights in Colorado) volunteer as well as a Sponsor of their annual Brewing Up Justice Fundraiser (Wednesday, March 13). LYRIC volunteers lead “know your rights” trainings for young folks in schools and other community settings. Please consider joining for the aforementioned fundraiser or contributing at this link.

These are phenomenal community resources, and I would be honored if you joined me in supporting either or both.