Elie Zwiebel, Esq.

Juvenile Civil Rights Attorney


Advocating for students, parents, and guardians across Colorado


I specialize in Education Law, Juvenile Justice, and the intersection of the two. I help students obtain the educational resources they need and defend against discriminatory actions in school systems. The school to prison pipeline channels students of color, students from lower economic backgrounds, non-native English speaking students, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities away from educational opportunities and towards the juvenile justice system. I partner with students and parents to retake power over their lives by stopping this flow and its consequences. Childhood and young adulthood are filled with immeasurable potential and opportunity! No one should be criminalized for behaviors part and parcel to being young or because of prejudices and biases that people in positions of power hold. Refusing to accept a society, a set of politics, or a legal system that suppresses opportunity, extinguishes dreams, and steals youth, I bring experience and professionalism to each unique case and collaboration so students can obtain the resources to which they are entitled.

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Areas of Practice

school discipline

Classrooms function best when each student and the entire community feel safe. When students are pushed out of the classroom for violating school codes, the students fall behind and face an increase to the daunting challenges of engaging with their communities and their own education. Both the student and the school lose the opportunity to engage in restorative practices that help growth. I promote restorative justice and assist students, parents, and guardians to fight inappropriate suspensions, expulsions, and referrals to law enforcement.


Special Education

Every student deserves an equal opportunity to access their education. I strive to hold schools and districts accountable to their students. Whether this involves collaboration to build appropriate plans that meet each student's unique educational needs and that accommodate disabilities or requires confronting schools and districts for improper or inadequate services through due process, state, or federal complaints, I advocate for both students who have typical or exceptional development as well as students who have disabilities.

juvenile justice

We are so much more than the actions and decisions we have made in the worst moment of our lives. When young people face delinquency charges, they are on the precipice of a life-altering moment. A lifetime of events beyond their control and choices they have made in response have led to that moment. In that moment, young people have little-to-no agency in the face of an adult-run justice system. I partner with families and advocates to structure a holistic and interdisciplinary defense that promotes a return to the young person's life as soon as possible.




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